LINKiT. provides full audio-video system design, commercial sales, installation and service to commercial, recreation, hospitality and institutional customers throughout B.C. We work with engineers, interior designers and directly with end users from conception to completion to ensure a smooth installation. The end result is a professional audio-video system that is easy to use and performs reliably for years to come.


A sound and video system is only as good as the weakest link, and in many cases this comes down to the quality of the installation. We’ve repaired many systems installed by others, whether it’s getting rid of an annoying speaker hum, or cleaning up messing wiring. We take pride in ensuring our installations sound and look professional, and will provide years of reliable operation.

Bottom-Line Value

We understand our customers’ concerns over project costs. LINKiT. looks for innovative ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality, from reusing and refurbishing existing equipment, to saving on about costs for routine pre-wiring. We work with you to get the quality, without blowing the budget.

Sound system design

Whether working with a consultant, engineer, interior designer, or directly with the end user, LINKiT. has designed many sound and video systems from the ground up. From small board rooms to large multi-room commercial complexes, we can design a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Customer Service

LINKiT. provides 24-hour technical service to keep your system working its best. Whether it’s troubleshooting a system problem over the phone, repairing failed equipment offering loaner equipment, or making on-site repairs, we’re here for you. We have one of the most comprehensive service shops in Western Canada, able to service all brands of audio and video equipment.