LINKiT. offers full range of appliances for every IT solution for the variable IT environments through our presales specialists to discover the existing factors in your IT environment, especially those factors which usually costs huge budget to deliver the most effective solution that meets your needs.

We are here to develop your business interest, and save your budget.
LINKiT. has established partnerships with almost 20+ leading global IT Vendors such as  HP, Lenovo, Dell EMC, CiscoFortinet, Aruba, APC Schneider and more.

Pre-sales Consultancy

We study the customer’s scope of work, design, size and provide a solution.

Standard Features:

  • Presentations
  • Demos
  • Offers
  • Responding to RFI’s and RFP’s

Optional Features:

  • Proof of concepts (when applicable)

After-sales Support

We provide Controlled Delivery, Supply Chain, Pickup & Return Services, and Insurance.

Standard Features:

  • On-Site Delivery
  • Supply Chain
  • Insurance

Optional Features:

  • Pickup and Return Services
  • Long Distance Delivery (Air freight/Sea freight)

After-sales Consultancy

We deliver Warranty Services and Hardware support for out-of-warranty cases.

Standard Features:

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Failure Diagnostics
  • Repair
  • Online Support

Optional Features:

  • Provide Spare Parts (for out of warranty cases)
  • Pickup and Return Services
  • Hardware Upgrade

HP Care Packs and Warranty Services

We provide the Hardware standard warranty, Upgrade Standard Warranty and Upgrade SLA services.

Standard Features:

  • According to SLA

Optional Features:

  • Service Contracts
  • Tailored SLAs

Warranty Services

We deliver Warranty Services and Hardware support for out-of-warranty cases.

We provide Hardware standard warranty services as Lenovo Authorized Warranty Service Provider “AWSP”. 

Standard Features:

  • According to SLA

Optional Features:

  • Support our customers with our own local stock (if Part available in our own stock)

Spare Parts

To fulfill the partnership with HP and Lenovo, we have established a spare parts Logistic Unit that include a professional team working to control our spare parts order and stock for HP and Lenovo in addition to general spare parts.

LINKiT. only use HP Certified Replacement Parts by using the HP PartSurfer, and Original Genuine Lenovo Spare parts unsung SAP warranty system

Data Center Relocation Service

Whether you’re moving your IT equipment within the building or around the world, a successful data center relocation or consolidation requires careful planning and execution. LINKiTtechnical and logistics experts can support you through this complex process every step of the way.  We will help you anticipate and resolve unexpected challenges – big and small – long before they become problems, and minimize downtime by getting you back up and running as soon as possible.

LINKiT. Relocation Services includes:

  • Pre-move planning meetings with you to discuss all of the requirements, logistics, and details.
  • Detailed site surveys and visits at all required locations.
  • Complete preparation of all locations prior to the move that includes packing, labeling, and sequencing for a smooth and efficient relocation event.
  • Coordination and communication with outside vendors on all aspects of transport, coverage, and support.
  • Relocation event best practices such as non-batched packing and loading, climate controlled transportation, and hardware spares to avoid any unexpected malfunctions during installation and power-on.
  • Dedicated Curvature relocation team to provide a consistent and pleasant experience throughout the process.

Relocation projects can be expanded to include any of LINKiTmanaged and professional services such as system administration support, hardware reconfiguration and upgrades, and IT asset recovery.

Data Center Assessment Service

LINKiT. Technology Solutions provides you with an on-site evaluation and analysis of your data center or network closet with recommendations to maximize availability, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs.

Our data center assessment services offers:

  •  Discovery & Information Gathering
  • Infrastructure & Processes Analysis
  • Report Compilation – Findings & Recommendations
  • Presentation of Deliverable

Our services features:

  • Personnel and Support Issues
  • Server and Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Environmental Components
  • Physical & Network Security

Data Center Support Service

Data centers were not built to scale up and keep pace with the rapid adoption of cloud, edge and high-performance computing or address the pervasive risk landscape, therefore, LINKiT. Technology Solutions offers complete Data Center support for your existing data center.

Our services includes:

  • Analyzing the current state: we assess your asset inventory, staffing levels and activities, and services provided
  • Designing the future state: we find a balance between meeting your users’ needs and cutting costs
  • Establishing the migration path: we use industry benchmarks, operational standards and more to determine optimal service provision