Grandstream’s award-winning IP voice, video, data and mobility solutions offer the best price-performance point in the industry.  All of their products and solutions are designed to fully leverage the benefits of VoIP broadband networks.  Each portfolio is based on SIP standard and is feature rich – supporting both traditional and advanced features – support a broad range of voice codecs, and are easy to manage through web-based GUI interfaces.

At LINKiT. we carry and distribute a complete selection of these Grandstream Products:

  • IP Voice Telephony
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Gateways and ATA
  • IP PBXs
  • Networking Solutions and MORE!


What makes Grandstream Telephone System outstanding?

Providing you with customizable and reliable branch solutions is our utmost priority. Telephone systems supplied by this company are adaptive and scalable without a hitch. Our phone configuration is the best as it is effortless to use. Yes, you need no knowledge or external information about our phone to use the system infrastructure. With Grandstream telephones, there is no newbie or an expert because anyone can just hold on to the phone and use it like a pro.Our mission statement is meeting all requirement of your organization by offering sound and profound solutions irrespective of the size of your company.

Grandstream also scales your telephone system from three to two thousand extensions. As one of the leading telecommunications company, we provide your business with Expandable PBX modules that you can always adjust according to your needs. We make your business productive, with a safe and secure telecommunications system. We pride ourselves on providing you with efficient call center solution and easy call management with far most advanced handsets.